5 Ways to Be Less Anxious in 2015

I’ve been less anxious lately, in fact, I would say this year 2015 has been the least anxious year for me. Here are Five Things that have helped:

  1. Find a sponsor. I saw my counselor Jerry for 2 and a half years and took a break in December of last year as both of us agreed things were better for me. But a few months ago I reached out to a friend to be my sponsor for my anxiety and the way it manifests and it’s been a game changer. Every Thursday I call my friend and I talk candidly about my week, we pray, we both share, we both deal with similar things but he’s usually one step ahead, sometimes I’m one step ahead, it’s been amazing.
  2. Became more self-aware and invite input. Anxiety tells you, you have to be perfect, you can’t fail else everything will fall apart. Instead, I’ve become more self-aware the hard way, by people telling me things they don’t like about me or I’m not very good at. It’s not easy, I still get near panic attacks when someone says negative things about me, but I’ve listened to a ton of videos and read a ton of articles on the subject, and I believe I’m at least in the game of self-awareness not sitting outside the ball park biting my nails hoping no one will notice.
  3. Stop a few things. I stopped doing some things I wasn’t succeeding at and picked up other things I was doing well in. For example, I love exercise but I wasn’t able to keep up with crossfit, I tried for 3 months but my body was in constant pain. So instead, I picked up boxing, biking, lifting and running. I do it more regularly, it’s more fun and it works better with my body. I feel happier with my decision while still working out regularly. I also stopped trying to do so many events and went back to school to finish my Masters which I’m close to completing.
  4. Listen to motivational and spiritual teachers daily. My friend Jeannie started sending a daily devotional email which has been awesome. I listen to 4–5 of the best speakers and spiritual leaders in the world for motivation, encouragement and as a speaker myself, I learn a ton from their delivery, content, video ideas, etc. I love input and creativity, I love tech and motivation, so it’s been a great fit. For a list of my favorite speakers, you can go here.
  5. Sit in your back yard and pray. Now that summer is here, the house gets warm in the afternoons so I go to my backyard, mow my lawn, give Daisy the Dog fresh, cold water and I sit on my favorite outdoor couch, grab coffee, a beer or cold water and write. I listen to the birds, watch the squirrels run by, Daisy the Dog chasing them like ducks in the wild and I just pray, feel, nap, cry and rest. It’s done wonders to my soul.

I’m glad for 2015, it’s been a magical year. Today, my 13 year old promotes to high school. My wife is off for the summer, our 11 year old boy is growing up and our 16 year old is dreaming of modeling and summer jobs. I’m sitting here, writing, about to get on Periscope to do a LIVE show of how I make coffee and I can honestly say, life is good.

My prayer for you today is that you will learn to be less anxious this summer and learn to live a life of JOY each and every day.

Much love to you,

Your #GOZO! friend,


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