The Problem With Fitting In

I’ve always tried to fit in but it’s a waste of time because nobody cares. You don’t always fit in, in fact, you probably don’t fit into most places and that doesn’t really matter.

People say, be yourself and that’s really all you can do is be you. Of course, even that is a mess of expectations, doubt, what your mom and dad told you to be mixed with a lot of trial and error, but that’s better than fitting in.

Fitting in is for cowards, I’ve been a coward most of my life.

The opposite of being a coward is getting your butt kicked, because when you fit in, no one beats you up. But when you stand up, bruises and all, you’ll get your butt kicked in the form of haters, doubters and self-hate.

So why fit in?

Because it’s safe and then you’ll die a miserable death never having lived your own life. I’m not advocating to screw up your life selling drugs, marrying a wife beater or going to jail, that’s not being yourself, that’s being a criminal. What I’m saying is, stop fitting in, nobody really cares if you do.

Go and be yourself. That’s all you can do.

Until next time,
Your #GOZO! friend,


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