Why You Need to Start Playing the Long Game by davidTrig


About a year ago I had to make a decision that would have been great for me but not so good for my family. It would have provided new opportunities, a better salary, but most of all it would have allowed me to do something I love. It even had intangibles I longed for.

But I decided against it and it hurt, it was tough. I left money on the table, new possibilities, but it was the right thing to do because I was playing the long game not the short game.

The short game says, it’s my money and I want it NOW! The short game says I’ve been waiting way too long it’s my time. The short game says, it’s all about me.

The long game is tough and few choose it because it’s hard. The long game says no to a great thing now because you believe a greater thing is yet to come.

The long game means you listen to your own voice over the voice of others, the long game is a walk of faith, it hurts, it’s narrow not wide, it’s hello, not good bye, it says I’m here for a while not just for the now, it says

- my mind is made up, I’m set on the goal
- my gaze is on the prize, my money is on new shores
- and when that day comes that my name is called forth
- I will say thank you Jesus, my future is yours!

So here’s my QUESTION for you — in what area are you playing the short game even though it’s hurting you or others?

Thank you for reading.
‪#‎GOZO‬! friend,

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