Blanc is the Catalonia’s Graphic Design Fest, probably the funniest and more inspiring of its kind and I’ve made an app for it in two weeks.

Blanc Festival 2016 — video by koalitic visuals

The starting point of this project was to understand the needs of the attendants before, during and after the events and build a digital product to help them.

I had two weeks (from July 21 to August 4) to make a proposal so I followed some of the Google Design Sprint methodology mixed with more traditional Design Thinking technics.

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As a digital communications manager of the festival I already detected some communication needs during the festival from previous years that couldn’t be solved with traditional leaflets or stage announcements. …

Apple does not do design anymore. What Apple does are pieces of art in fact dysfunctional pieces of art. And they are not even beautiful in some cases.

Yesterday Apple introduced (again) their Apple Watch, a device which arrives late compared with the android ones and very late compared with others brands like Sony or Pebble. Five years ago I got this proto-smartwatch from Sony and it did the same like the new ones but in a clumsy way. They are not inventing anything.

Apple also presented a new laptop, the macbook with a 12-inch screen and one single usb-c port. …

well… no, but it‘s like journalism

Design is like journalism in some way. You can be a very good writer, you can have an excellent literary technic, you can rule synonyms, antonyms, alliterations, metaphors, etc. But this is not enough to being a journalist who writes and essay or a report. You have to know the topic, understand it, soak yourself in it.

Design is the same. You can be a great designer, you can have very good design skills, rule the typography, master the software, know the colour palette, etc. But if you don’t know the field where you are applying your design you will fail. …


David Alandí

UI UX designer aka problem solver

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