2019 Home Decor Trends

If you want to give your home a new look for the new year, it might help to know what kind of décor is already trending in 2019. From organic accents and gunmetal appliances to off-white walls, mismatched furniture, lush walls of plants, and dark kitchens, this year’s style is shaping up to be unique and exciting.

Since it’s easy to get intimidated in the planning phase of home design, we’ve asked high-end home developer and president of Alpha Building and Construction, David Van Hoesen, to list the top home decor trends of 2019:

Looks Like We’re Shifting Away from Pure White Walls

Vibrant white walls are a great way to give your home a minimal yet modern look. Last year, having untextured, pure white was a popular choice. Visually, these walls opened up even the smallest rooms and narrowest halls and complimented just about any style of furnishings. But interior designers and some of the leading influencers in decor have begun making moves toward warmer walls. We’re not talking yellows and browns, here. It’s more of an off-white softened with grey undertones. So, it looks like cold whites are out, and “warm” whites are in.

Mismatching is the New Minimalism

2019 issues of many home decor magazines and websites feature rooms with mismatched elements. Sometimes these are tables with style-hopping chairs (some industrial, others rustic and space-age) while others are bookish living rooms with a subtle wackiness in mismatched bookshelf materials or couch and chair styles. Not surprisingly, this is a hard style to perfection, and failing to get it just right might make it look like you used the dart-and-blindfold method on an Ikea handbook to find your furnishings. So, make sure you look up some examples and plan things out before you swipe your card.

Dark Kitchens and Gunmetal Appliances

Despite the off-white wall trend, kitchens are going dark! Bright and airy eating spaces were a big hit back in 2018, but the new year is moving toward more vibrant, even-toned color schemes: think dark blue backsplashes over grey-blue paint with chrome and gunmetal appliances. Cabinetry in these types of kitchens tends to be significantly lighter in color than the walls and backsplash, and they have an industrial hint to them, complemented by an organic accent (which we’ll cover net). It’s a bold step in home decor, and it makes for a beautiful kitchen.

Decor with an Organic “Pop” Has Found a Home

Offsetting the colder feeling of gunmetal appliances and white walls, organic decor is coming back in a big way. Modern-rustic wood shelving units, counters, ceiling beams, and accents are beginning to crop up in homes with decidedly modern styles. Ash-grey and lighter colored woods seem to be the priority, merging the new warmer-white trends with the increased interest in natural woods.

Glass décor with organic marble-like veins have also picked up some attention, most notably from Patricia Urquiola’s mesmerizing and innovative tables which introduced the material. Other forms of organic decor include living plant walls and interesting pieces made out of recycled materials.