Improved Vector Editing and More

I love sketch for what it made possible, but in all fairness I would never have adopted it without the amazing 3rd party plugins that are being made. It would be wonderful if Sketch would recognise this and put their plugin creating community front centre in the product strategy.

Related, I’m really surprised that Sketch didn’t ever pick up where the 3rd party tool “Sketch Toolbox” left off things, as it hasn’t been updated in 2 years or so. By efficiently helping you find Sketch plugins by name or keyword, I dare to say that this simple search tool is crucial to really take benefit of everything Sketch is truly capable of. But it is missing important functionality and is starting to show bad decay. I doubt it will work much longer as its developer shows no interest in further supporting the tool, already for the mentioned two years..

Noticing how the tool is being advised as a necessity on Sketch hubs and reviews everywhere, it obviously plays a role in converting designers into empowered Sketch users. For that reason alone it should not disappear. – Similar functionality has proven important in other Apps as well, like code editor Brackets for example.

But it could become so much more. Have it extend into a social platform where Sketch DEV’s, Plugin Creators and their End-users can meet each other, and the “World of Sketchcraft” would become an even better place. It would really help in keeping a pulse on users’ wants and needs, right where the most impressive innovation now takes place (no offence Sketch DEV’s, you guys rock as well and made this possible in the first place!)

Feel the love and embrace it! Please!!!

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