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Dhaval Thakkar

The entirety of this series (i.e. best x courses for data science, where x is intro to programming, statistics & probability, intro to data science, data viz, machine learning, etc.) aims to improve upon the curriculums of programs like Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree (DAND). While providers of these programs (e.g. Udacity or Johns Hopkins on Coursera) will obviously only create compilations of their own courses, this series has the luxury of identifying the best individual courses for each topic regardless of provider.

So Data Science A-Z (a recommendation for an intro to data science course) would be just a portion of a data science curriculum. You’ll notice that another top recommendation in this article is actually contained within the DAND:

Udacity’s Intro to Data Analysis is a relatively new offering that is part of Udacity’s popular Data Analyst Nanodegree.

Since this series is currently incomplete, I’d recommend going with the DAND. It is a great program for preparing for a data analyst role, though relatively expensive — you can read my detailed review here.

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