From the Outside Looking In

For as long as I can remember I have loved the art of design; whether it’s cars, technology or even sports, good design has always seemed to catch my eye. That being said, until a little over four months ago I had no idea what UX design really meant. I had always seen the importance of brand identity and overall experience, but I never knew there was an entire industry built around the design of user experience and interface.

I first found out about UX design after my mom told me about a friend of hers that had graduated from General Assembly back in 2015, and made a career for himself in the UX/UI design field. At first I was a bit hesitant and skeptical, but after getting coffee with the GA alum it started to seem like a really interesting and exciting opportunity. Despite all of the positive things that I had heard, I was still a bit nervous about the course. Am I too far behind in my UX skills? Would I be the youngest student? Could I handle the course load for ten weeks? All of these questions ended up answering themselves after my first week at General Assembly. While the first week did take some getting used to, the amount of information and skills we started to learn really got me excited and eager to continue to grow as an UX designer.

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From the outside looking in, GA’s course seemed like a ton of work crammed into a ten week time period, which it is, but I have had more fun in these last two weeks than I ever did going to college. Although the work can be challenging, the creativity involved makes it a more enjoyable process. Even though I have only been in the course for a couple of weeks, I already have more confidence in my design ability, and I can’t wait to finish a few more projects to start filling out my portfolio.