Dreams: Actions!

Actions always speak louder than words…this is true in all facets of life — relationships, careers, and other commitments we make. Action is a representation of what is most important and takes highest priority. So there is a huge difference in saying you will do something and actually doing it. Are you an action person? Or a promise person? No one ever wants to make promises they don’t intend or have the means to keep, yet we do it every day. Why?

I think the real answer, is fear. Fear of saying no, fear of the perception of others, or fear of actually having to admit that you have limitations and fears. And if we are so willing to make promises to others that we have no intention of keeping, it’s even easier to make promises to ourselves of which we will never follow through. I mean, wouldn’t you rather disappoint yourself over someone you care about or work for?

This unhealthy cycle of saying one thing while doing another creates a false sense of action that leads to running in circles and never achieving your main goal. The irony is that you will feel ten times more satisfaction when you actually move forward in your dreams, so don’t be afraid to go after your dreams, because any progress is progress even if it is to find out that that was the wrong direction. At least you tried and learned something and now have more information to help decide a new direction.

The biggest fear I have is getting old and looking back and saying, “I wish I had tried!” Action is a massive, heavy word. But I think fear and regret hit with more weight. Wouldn’t you rather say that you had a dream and went for it? Take a second a think of all the possibilities that could go with acting on your dream. Worst case, you’ll end up working that 9–5 job, but what is the best case? It could mean you make something from nothing and have a true work/life balance.

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