The Dream

So, over the years I have experienced this and have pushed through it. Dreaming is addictive, and is way easier then actually working on making that dream a reality! For example; I played in a band, and we used to practice two to three times a week when we first started. This was bad, and I’ll explain. We practiced that much for almost six months and had never played an actual live performance. We kept telling ourselves that we wanted to make sure our songs were “perfect”! The problem with that was that we would never know if they would be appealing to anyone other than ourselves. I had to put my dream into perspective — did I want to stay in a garage and only practice and pretend I’m in a band that maybe someday may be something…maybe…

With the realization that I was in a huge circle of practicing for days at a time, for weeks at a time, over six months, with nothing to show for it, I needed to drastically stop this cycle and do something about it, not just talk about it. So I hit up every promoter and venue I could think of in the nearby towns until I heard back from someone for an opening spot with no pay. I called up my band mates and told them we are playing a gig. The first thing I heard back from one of them was “I don’t think we should play until we get paid at least something.” My response was this, “Why should we get paid if nobody knows us! We are a new band with no fans and we don’t even know if our music is good enough to get fans!” The reality of needing to test our skills was becoming more obvious and in many ways I longed for some kind of feedback that wasn’t our parents or friends.

It was terrible… we looked like boards with instruments! We couldn’t move to save our lives, we messed up so many notes, and my drummer kept speeding up the songs. But we did it, we had our first show under our belts, and we would now have somewhat of an idea of what we should and shouldn’t do for our next show! With all this newfound insight, we went back and rewrote all of our songs and practiced moving around. We ended up going on some big tours and achieved a decent level of success as a result of our hard work and willingness to go out and just do it.

So why did I tell you this story? Because I’m assuming you already know the direction I am taking you. Having a dream, saying that you have the desire to see it happen, and are ambitious to see it through ultimately means nothing if you’re stuck, looking at Instagram and Pinterest and dreaming of what could be. If you’re in this spot, do you truly want it badly enough? Just look back at my story and you will see that it’s the same kind of pattern. The steps to progress may seem out of reach to most, while others may think you deserve more. But if you are not willing to take action to achieve your dream, then that’s all it’s ever going to be, just a dream.

What are you going to do, sit and dream? Or are you willing to feel a little discomfort for a time to see something come to life.

Dream-something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.