How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016
Jose Aguinaga

Javascript for me is as little as a text format and as much as a technology platform. Format: the Javascript Object notation that the language uses is a format that allows writing code or data in the same notation. The flexibility of this basic architecture allows all types of frameworks to be easily created on top of it.

For someone who dabbled into web development years ago, it is so refreshing to have this pretty language being what I need for my front-end (React), styling (Radium), server (node), database (Firebase), and even HTML (JSX)

Just look at all the libraries you need as a correcting lens from the fog of early chaos into the realm javascript all over. Soon mentioning webpack will be like mentioning the assembler: no one will care how everything is plumbed as long as pristine javascript flows in the pipes.

Someone’s hell is someone else’s heaven!