Stop Tweeting About Trump!

Can’t we all just get along?

I have tweeted a lot of politics recently and I wanted to explain why.

I believe the recent rise of alt-right movement globally will materially impact my project, which aims to discuss, share, and use our DNA information, for our own benefit and under our own terms.

I launched the project because I was already alarmed by a situation that hindered the utility of the information from our DNA.

Now I am alarmed for far graver reasons.

The fact of the matter is that Trump’s anti-freedom cabinet, thus future policies, will promote discrimination based on many things that can be assessed in part by DNA:

  • Race in general
  • Geographical origin of ancestors
  • Being Ashkenazi Jew
  • Disease susceptibility
  • And many more traits that are being discovered

It is therefore more important that ever to signup to this new global and inclusive community to erase barriers between human beings through our common interest in sharing our DNA responsibly.

The problem I am facing internally is that DNAvID must remain 100% inclusive as we all have DNA and need to share it among us to make sense of it.

So if we want to transcend political divisions through the humanity we share though DNA we must pay attention to all points of views.

We must also observe that there are people for openness and experimentation, and others that desire for things to remain as they are. Could our DNA explain this? There is only one way to find out, put all of our DNAs together and start getting to use it!

In practice, the solution for me has been to:

I/ Like political tweets that I think are important. Only retweet concrete calls to non-violent action.

2/ Not follow tweeps that are outside of my normal area of interest, but that I want to read for political reasons. Instead I organised them in lists according to worldviews.

This list for the Global Resistance, opposing the rise of the global alt-right

And this list for the alt-right

I dare you to look at both frequently and come out the same person. I couldn’t.

I bet if we all looked more at other points of view, even those that are beyond the pale for us, we would live more peacefully.

Then we start building our future by together protecting and using our DNA.