The clock is ticking: the time for global resistance is now, right now!

65 days of freedom are left

A warning to anyone still in command… of their possible futures to take care —Pink Floyd, from “The Final Cut”

My Facebook feed is full of folks realising what is happening, how bad it is getting, and how scared we are.

Piece by piece is digested, the latest being that the person in charge of US strategy is the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan leader.

After each such shock, we are slowly returning to normality, we show sarcasm and even crack an occasional joke. Slowly, happy posts increase and reclaim the feed.

We have problems and must feed our children anyhow. We also have dreams, and deadlines toward them.

And what we can do? It’s a democracy, and half or so people want this, who am I to oppose them. It’s all the Democrats fault? The GOP? What caused this? How to prevent it next time? Maybe I voted for him, and there are things he said, that I want.

Hunker down for four years if necessary. I’m not a direct target.

I’m not a US citizen.

Let’s give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, his policies will be so disastrous that the electorate will self-correct it in four years. Reasonable people will contain them. If else, I will resist in small but certain ways, when the time comes.

Today, for what I know: I live, I feel dawn, see sunset glow.

In Twitter there are courageous, professional political voices: Shaun King, Steve Silberman, Paul Krugman, and many others.

Even more important voices, in that they took time from their daily work to try and weigh in. Some have stood up convincingly for a while: a prominent angel investor Chris Sacca campaigned with the white-hat tech repertoire, sharing links to websites to signup for voting. A powerful voice in VC Mark Suster was raised, but is now back to work. A powerful female voice in media Megyn Kelly, stood up to Trump. She had feared for her life well-before even the nomination, but is now negotiating contracts with mainstream media channels.

But these are no time for experts, or prominent people.

This is a time for every man and woman who will lose and suffer, to come together and say with one voice that we don’t agree.

But until this happens, the simple truth I want you to face and ponder is: there are no more safeguards — NONE, absolutely none.

The congress and house are controlled by Trump’s party of goons (some, I assume, are decent people). Now that Trump’s team is being delineated, the wolves are out of the woods, in plain sight.

There is no safety. Remember what Clinton was saying? Trump will get the nuclear codes, and he won’t hesitate in using them. There is already contagion of this fascist phenomenon to France’s Marine Le Pen and elsewhere. There is already posturing with China, and full-out pillage wars planned in the Middle east, which will reinforce terrorists. There will be violence, injustice, and war, potentially on the largest scale ever, and it’s going to affect you, wherever you are.

I can’t do anything else than to see the clock ticking, imagining blood-eyed vultures flying over the spoils of what remains of our freedom, casting shadows with their black-feathered wings, preparing to dive on their prey.

And guess what, they are:

The only ‘thing’, and completely out of our control, protecting our freedom, are the 65 days we have left before Trump’s inauguration.

I read that huge protests are being organised for the inauguration day.

If you think waiting 65 days is reasonable: I just want you to repeat after me: “This will not be your run-of-the-mill dictatorship.”, “This will not be your run-of-the-mill dictatorship.”, “This will not be your run-of-the-mill dictatorship.”.


I was in Boston during the Boston lockdown and this is what you are going to see if you protest after Jan 20, just that the prey will not be the terrorist bombers, it will be you as a dissident. This is the most powerful repression apparatus any tyrant has ever dreamt of.

What will happen after the first violent repressions? Global surveillance on a scale and detail no tyrant has ever dreamt of —Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and others are going to be forced to give the keys to all of your personal information.

In fact, this has already happened, willingly. For those of us in Tech, it was shocking to see Peter Thiel go to the dark side. But then, I thought, Peter is in the board of Facebook, right? He does large-scale data mining with Palantir for government and corporates, no? So, he must have known better than any of us (and the clueless pollsters) what the results were shaping up to be. Ominously, he gave this knowledge, mined from us- against us- to the bad guys. Is he a machiavellian in there for the greater good: I don’t want to find out!

Any mobilisation short of impeding Donald Trump to be inaugurated is suicidal.

If any organization is going to resist, it has to be:

  • Faster than Trump’s split-second Twitter-reacting cycle
  • Techier: Trump has a secret black-hat data team that he hid to look less threatening, he uses some Lean Startup methods. As mentioned, he’ll have access to Facebook and others
  • Global: The free world must take a role, we are after all more numerous and in relative safety outside the US

I am in the middle of launching a project to protect our DNA information — I didn’t think that racial profiling through DNA tech would be something I would be protecting against.

But I am willing to put everything on hold for 65 days. I am personally available full time for the next 65 days for participating in setting up a tech platform, or anything that my skills allow. If there is support to this post I will start building as much as I can this platform, starting with my own hands and means. Some of the tools from my current project I’ll easily reuse and can have something decent online probably in a matter of days.

If something is already being done, contact me with the info and I will join.

If you don’t act for yourself to preserve our freedom, for your children, for your fellow citizens, for your human kind, do it for your elders who died for freedom, and whose graves are conspicuous miles from my home — remember their poem:

If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep
I live, I feel dawn, see sunset glow