Competitive games are not just a time filler for when you’re bored.

League of Legends developed by Riot
League of Legends developed by Riot

What Is League Of Legends

League is a free-to-play MOBA game released on PC in Oct 2009. MOBA games are a subgenre of strategy video games where each player controls a single character as part of a team.

You compete against another group of players on a map that has the same layout on each side. The team to destroy their opponents base first wins the game.

Riot, the company that developed League, has been tweaking its game for the past decade to make it the best competitive MOBA game on the market. …

The Pro Skater series is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sep 4th

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The remastered Pro skater 1 and 2 will be a blend of all the original skate parks, pro-skaters, and old-school tricks that gamers remember from the original. The games will also be amazingly recreated with enhanced graphics, bringing the classic skating game to the modern consoles.

Vicarious Visions, the studio that brought the remastered version of the Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy, have teamed up with Tony and Activision to bring fans remastered versions of the first two critically acclaimed games.

This version will also include a lot of the hit songs from the original franchise, providing players with the…

These are some subtle changes you can do to improve your Valorant skills.

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When it comes to the competitive FPS Valorant, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Today I’ll be giving you a bunch of tips and tricks that will get you up to speed.


Basically, your first three shots will land in a tight grouping. Your next three shots will then land a little more looser. After that, the gun sprays up and to the right in a somewhat randomized pattern.

Once you get past that sixth shot, you’re fighting against RNG recoil. …

Recent rumors tell us to expect to get wet in the new session of Fortnite coming in June.

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One week ago, a YouTuber known as Tabor Hill, released a video where he speaks about possible Fortnite leaks. He goes on to say that the information comes from a reliable source, but it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

In the video, Tabor Hill talks about several changes that the game might see; namely a central water theme of the new map.

The YouTuber talks about the possibility of there being a blue phonebooth that will allow you to change skins mid-game. …

Suspensions on the popular streaming platform are leaving viewers and broadcasters confused and frustrated.

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Recently, Twitch has been criticized by many viewers and streamers alike because of their inability to maintain a consistent policy about suspensions for TOS violations.

On April 25th, Alinity, a popular twitch streamer was suspended for a wardrobe malfunction. This instance was met with a lot of controversies due to the website addressing it until hours after the stream had ended, and only after she “suspended” herself.

The entire scenario was a dumpster fire for the team over at twitch. To make matters worse, another Streamer was suspended even longer for the exact same nip-slip.

Fedmyster, another famous streamer…

Many streamers and viewers are getting upset with the way Twitch is handling the Valorant drops on their platform.

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Recently Riot released the beta of their first-person shooter game, Valorant. They partnered with Twitch to enable access to the closed beta via drops.

Twitch has implemented similar drops in the past. Usually, the drops were for smaller events like a new skin for a gun, and not something as big as exclusive access to an entire game.

How Drops Work

Drops have been around for a year before Riot used them for handing out Beta access. They’ve always encouraged more viewers of the streams and more engagement with the games.

They give drops randomly to viewers of the streams that have the…

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With only a month after the Valorant Beta released, large organizers are already opening up professional competitive tournaments for the new FPS.

Enter ESPN

ESPN Esports partnered with to bring the growing fanbase a glimpse of what high-level play will look like in the new game.

On Monday, April 20, some of the top talents of other games accepted the invitation to play in the tournament. The event launched Valorant into the Esports scene before the game has even left its beta.

The Teams at the Tournament

The invitational had 8 teams consisting of five players each. …

Riot is gearing up for Esports, but taking their time to get it right.

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The Valorant team over at Riot are set to roll out the new ranking system for the FPS soon after patch 0.49. This will allow them plenty of time to work out any kinks with ranking while the game is still in beta.

They’re planning on using the same format and rules as the unranked games, but the competitive ranking system might go through some changes while it’s still in beta.

Here are some key takeaways from the Valorant team’s post about the ranked games.

Not Always Working

During the beta, the team might need to temporarily disable the ranked games to implement…

The new game by Riot is making waves in Twitch, but not everyone is falling in love with it.

Blade wielding character named Jett from the new Riot’s new game Valorant
Blade wielding character named Jett from the new Riot’s new game Valorant

So far, the team at Riot have done an amazing job creating a buzz around Valorant. Their release strategy for the beta will most likely get repeated by other game publishers and streaming platforms.

However, the hype isn’t a key factor when determining if a game is worth your time. With the beta now allowing more players to join, we will soon find out if this character-based tactical shooter has what it takes to live up to its hype.

Here are a few indicators that the game might not deliver on everything that it promises.

1. COVID-19 is increasing at-home entertainment

With the recent health risk…

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