My Story

I always wanted to have a kids. I mean since I was like six years old. I told this to a friend recently who remarked that it was strange. In his world, it is strange that a kid himself — a boy — would want to have more kids. I don’t think it is strange at all.

Many years later I met a singer.

A rock and roller

Self abuser.

Some of the extremely talented people we know who blow us away when they are on stage hurt themselves when they are alone. She was that kind of a person. She was enormously talented. Onstage she sang and flowed with the music. She was also a fledgling painter. But she had a rough and abusive childhood. I didn’t know the signs of alcoholism or drug addiction. But if I had, I would have seen them all in her and knowing what I know today would have shied away from her. She wanted children too. I felt that I could help her to become this magnificent artist who would paint our life and join us with music, and we would have a child together. She had read my first book, Diet for a Poisoned Planet, and even bought a copy that she had me sign, which was how we met; she waited for me beneath the branches of a Bodhi Tree outside the bookstore. We sat on a bench.

“How do you do it? How do I get ready for pregnancy? Can I even have a healthy kid? The way I’ve abused my body, I’m just not so sure.”

“Of course you can,” I told her ardently.

It didn’t last, of course. Yet I think my story is also important. I’m really just like you. I really am.

I don’t know who’s telling me the truth about what’s in their products. I don’t know if they’re lies or facts. A company say its product is free from some toxic chemical. But then it’s really in there, or a nearly identical substitute. It’s enough to make an American mountain man want to run for the hills. But I don’t. I fight here for my country and for you and our kids.

But we did it, in a strange way, of course, as always families tend to be in some way or another. And I’ll tell you our story too because it will show you how I did things, how we did things, to have healthy kids. I hope it helps.




David Steinman is an author, parent, and chief officer of the Healthy Living Foundation.

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David Steinman

David Steinman

David Steinman is an author, parent, and chief officer of the Healthy Living Foundation.

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