What If Every Country Could Only Send One Olympian?
Brandon Anderson

Well, this certainly made a mess out ofan interesting topic. The US claimed 121 medals all i all. To claim that James could get 25 % out of those is stupid and disrespectful. If we starts with team sports, it’s likely that James would do well in Volleyball and Handball apart from Basket, as it is likely that the competition will be less fierce there. However, as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada all would send sprinters, there would be no medals in rugby or soccer, or any sprint events up to 800 meters. Any other running events would be dominated by Kenya, Ethiopia and Mo Farah, just like it is today. Swimming will be dominated by professional swimmers from Australia and Hungary. Singapores Schooning will certainly beat James in all water sports. Azerbaijan, Iran and Tadjikistan would all send wrestlers or boxers, thus ensuring that James would get no medals there. Japan, Russia and China would send one gymnast each, leaving James outclassed again. Why would you believe that an athlete weighing more than 220 punds would do well in gymnastics? It’s like you’ve never seen a gymnast. And yes, I would absolutely bet against Lebron in Table Tennis and rowing. Rowing requires athletes with extreme cardiovascular capabilites, which is not James’ strongest suit. Again, did you ever see a rower built like LeBron James? Same thing with table tennis. James weighs twice as much as most table tennis tennis players, why would you assume that being good at making jump shots and slam dunks would translate to table tennis? If anyone would like to call me a hater because of this post, please take the time to argue against my points.

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