While Dems Babbled About Russia, GOP Passed Trickle-Up Economics Tax Bill
Caitlin Johnstone

Again, Caitlin’s piece is written either from ignorance or from some inscrutable bias. I watched TV a lot last week and the Republican tax package got a ton of coverage. Saying that Democrats were speaking about Russiagate rather than the Republican attack on the social safety net is simply nonsense. Yes, some/many people, probably Democrats, were hoping that Flynn’s plea bargain would finally provide the smoking gun that would do in the Trump administration. A lot of this was cause by the dearth of information on the Republican tax bill that was constantly morphing in order to attract sufficient Republican support in the Senate. People could easily write a post about the Flynn conviction but doing analysis of how the tax package was going to hurt the vast majority of American is more difficult. However, I saw many more Democrat Senators on TV blasting the Republican destruction of government than were talking about Flynn. This is because the Mueller investigation will take care of itself but it is going to take voter outrage at the polls in order to roll back the anti-voter policies of the Republican party.

Clearly, both parties are influenced by money; but Republicans have taken a brazen f — k you attitude towards their voting constituents in favor of their patrons. It used to be that there was a tension between voter’s interests and the interests of the donor class with Congress giving/talking to/from both sides. More recently The Republican Party has decided that, as long as it passes bills that promote specific religious viewpoints, voters will allow themselves to be screwed over financially. Democrats will at least do things like creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by the Democrats. Republicans have stopped pretending to care about the economic interests of anyone but the donor class. Republicans can distract voters with religious nonsense that doesn’t affect the donor class (a corporation doesn’t care about abortion policy and if a wealthy person wants an abortion, they simply leave the US and go somewhere that abortions are legal); meanwhile they go about removing all the regulations that protect consumers from corporate greed, providing a return on investment in the form of tax relief to the donor class, and creating a huge deficit to justify the dismantling of the social safety net.

The effect of this abomination of a tax bill have been discussed at length by the Democrats in spite of what Caitlin says. They(we) are mad as hell about this and we are trying to figure out how to overcome some of the structural advantages that Republicans have given themselves so that they can avoid having to represent the interests and will of the voters. Rest assured that voters will be reminded about this tax bill and the fact that it was passed even though a large majority of Americans were against it.