CERN did a study that they had to FIGHT for 20 years to even be allowed to run.
Daniel Mey

Daniel, I’m going to call BS unless you can provide some verifiable source. While I will agree that, IN THE PAST, variations in solar output was responsible for most climate change, that simply is simply not the case for our current warming. Also, cosmic rays don’t do anything to the climate and there’s no evidence anywhere to say that they do. “Cosmic rays” could have an impact if a Quasar happened to point at us and blow away the atmosphere; but since we are here, I’m going to claim that this hasn’t happened, yet.

We can all claim that <insert name of some reputable source here> did a study that proved <insert whatever you want to claim is true here> but that study was suppressed by upper management for <insert whatever reason suits your purpose here>. That kind of hearsay is BS without verifiable evidence to back it up.

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