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I don’t like Comey. He has an inflated sense of self and he doesn’t always make judgments with which I agree. On the other hand, I have no case that I can look at and say that I have proof that Comey lied. None.

On the other hand, not only does Trump have an inflated sense of self, he’s a certifiable egomaniac and I do have innumerable cases that I can point to and say that I have proof that Trump lied.

So, given a choice between believing Comey’s notes taken immediately after a meeting with Trump and believing Trump’s recollection and taking into account what Trump has at risk and what Comey has at risk, I don’t think that a ration person would believe Trump over Comey. I can see that there are partisan reasons for someone to say they believe Trump, but when they do, I know that person is lying to me or they have very bad judgement or both.

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