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I love how people like Hannity and Limbaugh will throw in “if true” right after they put out a bunch of unsubstantiated BS. They then pretend that the fiction they have crafted is true and go on about how bad that makes (insert name of some Democrat here). They are careful to not say that something is true because that would subject them to various lawsuits. Instead of saying that there is no proof for the claims they have just made, they use the “if true” bridge to let them continue to rant and leave the listener/viewer with the impression that it is true and the person being slandered is guilty of heinous crimes. This folks, is called propaganda. You know that “fake news” thing that Trump always talks about. Well, this is the real fake news. It’s also divisive because it create distrust in people without any reason other than a different political viewpoint. In a rational world, it is OK for reasonable people to disagree. In the hate space of the conservative commentator, people who disagree have to be demonized.

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