Buzzfeed Exposes Sinister, Diabolical Russian Plot To Be Friendly With America
Caitlin Johnstone

This Russia stuff is in the same category as Benghazi: political fog. From a legal perspective, there’s probably no wrong doing but there’s plenty to cast a cloud of suspicion on the “other” guy. Republicans relentlessly pursued Clinton and found nothing of substance; so they kept creating new investigations to keep creating new suspicion; and the Republican propaganda machine (aka, FAUX News) kept it in the eye of the masses. Democrats are using Russia’s involvement in the election in much the same way. They are hampered in their efforts because they don’t control any house of Congress which would allow them to keep this investigation going ad nauseam. However, since this is mostly fresh stuff, it is easier to get it reported on the news because it is, well, news (i.e., new stuff rather than the constant rehash of the Benghazi investigations).

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