A new “TauT” coin born from TAU Testnet

While developing TAU mobile MainNet, the Proof of Transaction testnet is working well and serving 250K users with more than 500 million coins fully distributed in 3.6 millions transactions. It has 30 full nodes, web wallet, explorer, forum, telegram groups, discord and android wallet.

Rather than shutdown such a wonderful test network replaced by a different mobile mainnet, we want to give the testnet entirely to our community as a new coin. Testnet could be renamed to “TauT” and work as a TautT mainnet on permission-less decentralized PC based blockchain. Taucoin will continue to launch as different mainnet on pure mobile platform, called TAU.

Following are the potential actions to take: the total coins will be fixed at 700 million. Full distribution is as following:

  1. Community: 700m x 82% = 574 million, in which about 500m is already distributed. We have 74 million remaining to distribute.
  2. Foundation: 700 x 18% = 126 million. Foundation will monitor the distribution of these coins to foundation members and community leaders according to their contribution.

We need everyone’s help to distribute the remaining coins to making the TauT birth day:

  1. Build your telegram taucoin p2p trade group, you will get 200k taucoins once reaching 200 people upon foundation verification.
  2. Invite friends through referral link, you will get 100 coins and your friend will get 100 coins.
  3. Tau foundation burned 9.3 billion test coins to make 700 million left on TAUT.

TAUT Birth

As soon as the full 700 million is distributed, we will name that Date as TauT Independence Day. You will get same amount of TAUCoin on the mainnet as in TauT. Yes, you will have two coins.

Taucoin network will be 1.4 billion coins, and TauT will be 700 million coins.

TauT are fully distributed without any fiat sales, so you do not need KYC process. You get coins through effort and knowledge, not money. It is fully built, manage and distributed by the decentralized community and a new elected Chairman from the community, who is not iMorpheus.

The community shall seek listing TauT on major exchanges and operating many p2p groups. It will be Tau community international leaders reponsibility to push forward TauT technology. Lastly, every code is open-sourced on github for global sharing.

Coins holding vs account volumnes