Candidates Introduction for TAUT 2019 President

Apr 11 · 3 min read
TAUT President Election 2019

We received five wonderful candidates applying for presidency to serve our community in 2019. I will introduce them and add my past working experiences with them as comments.

Each of the five candidates are amazing person and helping us grow. They are from all over the world Asean, Middle East, North Africa and South Africa. I sincerely thank them for applying and wish the best for them no matter the result. With a new leadership, TAUT blockchain will fly and I will consistantly support TAUT from technology development and bring mobile mining to us to build world first cloud network on pure mobile phone.

  • Ali Bahreini, “good life”, 35 years old and living in Iran/Tehran, holds a bachelors degree in IT from Islamic Azad University and a forex trader. Linked In. He has been with us since the beginning, and created Iran Telegram group with 2000+ members, as well as Iran P2P group with 200+ users. Iran group has represented 30% of the Taucoin traffic and showed strong leadership in promoting TAU in the country and middle east region. Good life’s special knowledge on currency trading has won him a 10000+ followers in telegram group. He is an expert on price and trading market.
Ali Bahreini, IT, Iran Group and P2P admin, forex trader
  • Godfrey Banzi, “Kriptolab”, 34 years old and living in Tanzania, holds bachelor’s degree in education from Sokoine University of Agriculture. Linked In. Kriptolab has been with us from day one, and created Tanzania telegram group and p2p group. He is energetically serve as Taucoinotalk super moderator, and almost full time helping us in the community. Kriptolab won 26% of the consensus debate bounty. He is committed to bring crypto and TAU into Africa and helping on educating and promotion on crypto technology. His strong background in marketting and graphics has contributed to our community most of the graphics we were using.
Godfrey Banzi, 34, Educator, Tanzania Telegram and P2P admin, Talkcointalk superior moderator
  • Stafi Dagger, “Stephan”, 26 years old, admin of Taucoin South Africa Telegram, crypto project founder of Vanadium, family man father of 2 kids. Linked IN. Stephan has been active in our community for very long time and actively managing South Africa telegram with hundreds of members. He is energetic in our telegram community and helping promoting Tau through twitter, TAUX.
Stafi Dagger, “Stephan”, 26 years old, admin of Taucoin South Africa
  • Alex Ken, living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, holds bachalors’s degree in computer science from Southeast University BD. Linked IN. Alex worked in Bitcoin Network as a web developer. He manages a boutique Taucoin P2p group and fast growing. Alex is helping community developing some very fun game, and plan to build a referral telegram bot for TAU to grow user base.
Alex Ken, Computer science, P2p group admin and game develping
  • Denis Saputra, 20, from Indonesian, holds a high school degree from Pelajar di Karate. Linked IN. He is young and would love to help out in TAU community and devote his time for the promotion. Denis is helping us finding good exchanges.
Denis Saputra, 20, Crypto Lover

I would encourage community to discuss and ask questions to them in the telegram group and taucointalk election topic. We will do election voting April 13 to April 14 for 48 hours on taucointalk. Taucointalk will record this into history of TAU, the world will find out in the future.


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