Congratulation, Ali Bahreini — TAUT 2019 President

Apr 15 · 1 min read

Dear community, I am excited to know Ali Bahreini has won the election from the report. This is critical moment for us to grow from a centralized development to a community leadership. Ali and the fellow candidates are already working to grow tau no matter the result. Kriptolab has built many things in all sectors, Staphen has build Twitter taux, Alex is building telegram bot and content center and Denis has listed us in Altmarkets and Ali has been leading iranian group from day one.

I am sure Ali will make us great in both global and middle east. I myself will focus on bring technology forward including the May launch of Main-net, Scaling up using randomness sharding to make taucoin as fast as visa, global cloud on mobile phones and eventually the most important coin in the world.

For helping Ali to run the community, will contribute 30m tau/taut to new leader paid quarterly. This is a huge volume in a total 700m circulation. I am sure we will see a bright future coming and fellow members please joining me welcome new President Ali.



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