The cautionary tale of how 3 words ended a long and illustrious career for advertising icon Stan Richards and the important lesson that can come from his mistake.

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Stan Richards — Source: The Richards Group

Advertising icon Stan Richards says he’s confident about two things: One, he will never retire, and, two, The Richards Group will never be sold — even after he dies. “You have to understand that I love what I do. It’s the most fun that I have. Why would I want to give that up?”

This is how a glowing profile on the man in D Magazine began just a month ago. …

How content filtering can work — and not work

A controversy at a recent paleontology conference demonstrates just how delicate the balance is between content filtering and productive conversations in the virtual environment today

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Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash


Ah, the academic conference! In the good old, pre-COVID-19 days, such meetings were typically something akin to “geeks gone wild” (trust me, I’ve been to more than my share!). …

Why go to a virtual class when you can have a bot attend for you?

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

A new, student-founded startup enables those taking online classes to have a bot attend Zoom meetings instead of them. In this article, we look at Beulr and what the bot threat means for teaching and learning in the newly much more important world of online learning for higher education.


One thing is for certain: The history of modern information technology is replete with examples of how ingenious people find novel ways to use the technology in ways that the creators of the tech never ever imagined. One need look no further than the iPad for a quintessential example of this phenomenon. Today, the simple tablet has become omnipresent as a device used for serving customers, not only business, but in health care and more — all in ways Steve Jobs could never have dreamed of even in his imaginative mind. And in instance after instance, mainstream Web and ecommerce companies have adopted innovations from an unlikely source — namely the porn industry — that they are reluctant to acknowledge as being perhaps the most innovative sector over the years in finding ways to use online technologies in new and novel ways. …


David Wyld

David Wyld (dwyld@selu.edu) is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

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