What the growing concentration of retail ecommerce means for consumers and retailers in the coming years

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One of the most amazing aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the effect that it has had on the way we shop. …

The cautionary tale of how 3 words ended a long and illustrious career for advertising icon Stan Richards and the important lesson that can come from his mistake.

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Stan Richards — Source: The Richards Group

Advertising icon Stan Richards says he’s confident about two things: One, he will never retire, and, two, The Richards Group will never be sold — even after he dies. “You have to understand that I love what I do. It’s the most fun that I have. Why would I want to give that up?”

This is how a glowing profile on the man in D Magazine began just a month ago. …

How content filtering can work — and not work

A controversy at a recent paleontology conference demonstrates just how delicate the balance is between content filtering and productive conversations in the virtual environment today

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Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash


Ah, the academic conference! In the good old, pre-COVID-19 days, such meetings were typically something akin to “geeks gone wild” (trust me, I’ve been to more than my share!). …


David Wyld

David Wyld (dwyld@selu.edu) is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

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