@David Yahalomi this is awesome!
Zoltan Olah

Hi Zoltan,

I am not working with meteor’s livequery at the moment but I am writing an observable based data layer the wraps mongo’s official client. I am thinking later to create a separate package out of it and maybe implement an oplog reader as well. This will accommodate the work done here: https://github.com/DxCx/apollo-server/commit/aee7ceeeb59561f484e06e355055b1f698098875 by Hagai Cohen and will allow us to use streams from the data base to the client.

This would possibly mean we can use “@stream” and “@live” annotations pretty easily :)

Anyhow, implementing livequery driver could be pretty simple and I would love to see it done by someone with self interest about it.

Thanks for the comment!