How This EDM Capsule Makes You Engaging Enough for Online Video

This is Eric. (not his real name…ok, ok, it’s his real name) We had him come into the studio to shoot a testimonial for an HVAC company. We thanked him and sent him on his way. When we looked at the footage…well…he was kind of boring. So we had him come back 3 weeks later.

An hour before the shoot, we drugged him. Well, drugged is a pretty powerful word. But I’ll bet it got your attention. In reality, it was nothing like a drug.

We gave him a KATY capsule. It’s a legal nutraceutical supplement that is rapidly taking over as the “supplement” of choice in the Electronic Dance Music world. It suppresses anxiety and dissolves the inhibitions that make people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

We think it’s a nice way to tell someone to relax in front of the camera.

About the video…almost triple-speed. I edited out the bits where the interviewer was talking and Eric was standing still. I was looking for differences in how animated he was, his facial expressions, his arm and hand movements. He’s not over-the-top hyped out. The version on KATY is much more like actually talking to him in person. He’s an animated guy.

I’m not going into the science. Frankly, I don’t care. The ingredients are listed on the company’s site.

What do you think of the comparison?

Want to know more? I did another video that’s on our web site.

One more thing. Yes, I signed up for KATY’s affiliate program. Yes, I have an affiliate link on my web site.