5 Restaurants that will unlock your carnivorous senses

With the restaurant number total up to approximately 43,000 in 2017, the question that most people struggle with in Shanghai is…

What do you want to eat?

For the past year, I have been trying several highly rated restaurants on 大众点评(Da-Zhong-Dian-Ping). If you haven’t heard of the app, you can check what are other essential apps here.

This one is for the meat lovers. Japanese/Korean Barbecue Edition

These restaurants are rated from the scale of 1 to 10. 10 being perfect.

本家韩国料理 (Ben Jia Korean Cuisine)

Picture from tripadvisor

Address: 天山路1900号环东华时尚休闲中心5层

Phone #: (021)62591189

Taste — 9

Cost Performance — 9

Service — 9

Atmosphere — 9

Picture from tripadvisor

They provide several refillable side dishes with a large plate of raw vegetables to wrap your meat in.

If you go during lunch time, it’s cheaper.

Their marinated meat are music to my tongue.

新石器烤肉(Neolithic Barbecue)

Address: 上海市长宁区长宁路1018号龙之梦购物中心F7

Phone #: 15618123935

Taste — 6

Cost Performance — 6

Service — 3

Atmosphere — 7

What’s unique about Neolithic Barbecue is the grilling paper between the meat and the grill.

This paper prevent the meat from being charred, thus, it taste better and healthier.

牛尖角 (Niu Jian Jiao Japanese Style Barbecue)

Address: 上海长宁区遵义路100号虹桥南丰城南区5层L505

Taste — 8

Cost Performance — 8

Service — 5

Atmosphere — 8

The perfect place to take your girlfriend/boyfriend because they have several couple sets with generous portion.


Address: 淮海西路555号1层101室

Phone #: 32120277

Taste — 9

Cost Performance — 4

Service — 3

Atmosphere — 7

Portion are less for the price, but the taste is undeniably excellent.

虎丸烧肉(Hu Wan Japanese Style Barbecue)

Address: 虹桥镇吴中路1588号爱琴海购物公园购物街2F205

Phone #: 13371955179

Taste — 8

Cost Performance — 8

Service — 5

Atmosphere — 9

Dimmed lights make the meat instantly 100x sexier.

They have several variation for meat sauces that goes perfectly with the meat.

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