How do you find your passion?

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

By now, I think most people are tired of hearing “Do what you’re passionate for” “Do what interests you” “Follow your dream”

That sounds fantastic, and it is fantastic when you have the opportunity to do that.

But what if you’re obstacle is not the desire, it’s the question that my younger cousin would ask me, “What do I enjoy?” “What’s my interest?”

We live in a world full of entertainment, endless tv series, and instant gratification from games and social media.

So if I like reading One Piece manga, does that mean I should try to make a career out of that? I enjoy basketball. Does that mean I should become a NBA player?

When I graduated from college 6 years ago, the question, “Do what you enjoy” got me quite depressed since people won’t pay me for reading manga nor basketball scout would call me.

Until I landed my first job in a fast pace fashion company, I learned a lot besides folding clothes, but I also learned to ask myself,

“What do I hate to do?”

For an introvert like me, spending 12+ hours smiling and talking to customers makes me exhausted by the end of the day.

Therefore, I knew that’s not the way I want to spend the rest of my life, then I went and opened a coffee shop.

To spare everyone the detail, it’s been quite a journey since then until I can finally say that I enjoy want I do.

The question of “What do I hate to do?” has guided me to “What I like to do?”

Once when you start asking yourself this question, you will realize that you can be quite picky about the type of life you want.

Don’t compromise, when you stop doing one thing you hate, you will have room for one thing you like.