Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary

The difference between and evolutionary and revolutionary transformation is all in the implicit question behind the effort.

Evolutionary Transformation

This is “Take what I have and make it better, cheaper, faster.”

It’s starting from where you are and using current state to identify the next steps forward.

Revolutionary Transformation

“Based on our mission, if we were building our business today to ultimately fulfill that goal, what would we do?

Once the north star is defined, we move backwards to build a roadmap from where we are to the ideal future state. 
Both can be valid depending on your business goals.

Using the analog of a person managing their career trajectory, it would be the same as:

Evolutionary Career Management

“What the next step I can take in my career?

Then you figure out how to get to the next step.

Revolutionary Career Management

“What’s my ultimate career mission?

Then you figure out how you work backwards to craft a path to realize that dream.

I’ve known people who have used either an evolutionary path or a revolutionary path to achieve their definition of success.

For either category, it just depends on the level of ambition that feels right for you.

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