Would you really be less “uncomfortable” with a person who looks, identifies, and lives as a man…
Erin Kennedy

I guess I would be uncomfortable with both. The thing that disturbs me is that we seem to have transitioned into this insane sort of phase where tiny minority populations can demand to have the social norms of the vast majority overturned, and these people are taken seriously. A person who is seriously dysfunctional in an environment that works just fine for 99% of us really shouldn’t expect the 99% to conform to his/her/its wishes. There are all sorts of “minority” populations that cannot possibly expect the rest of the human race redesign the entire world to suit their needs or whims. The idea that any and every minority group has a “right” to remake the rest of us in his/her/its image is preposterous, and even if it weren’t it’d be unaffordable or literally impossible (due to conflicts of interest).

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