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Young and Aspiring Photographer Instagram: @bendavisual

An exploration into Iceland’s wild landscape

Iceland is a country that has seen incredible change over the past 10 years. With tourism now being a bigger money-maker than the fishing industry, Iceland sees its fair share of tourists. Going into this trip I wasn’t looking forward to the crowded spots and thousands of DSLRs. Despite me contributing to the many tourists with a camera, I wasn’t looking to spend this trip taking photos of already well photographed spots. Going off the beaten path is something that I look for whenever possible. …

Northern Norway had always seemed unreachable for me. I was told that Lofoten is the jewel of Norway and that given a chance I should visit. Tall, steep mountains cut into the freezing ocean. Eagles soar over arctic beaches whilst puffins perch on the cliff-side. This is one of the best locations for viewing the Aurora Borealis. The tiny island of Værøy is the ultimate location to experience the Lofoten archipelago at its finest. With a small population and limited access to the island, it was exactly the adventure I was looking for. …

An expedition into the depths of Knoydart

Day 1: Glenfinnan Arrival

All good trips start with some slightly crazy plans and a close group of friends. When the Scottish winter didn’t quite provide the snow capped mountains we were looking for, our original Cairngorms route got scrapped for a more remote Knoydart bothy-to-bothy trip. Remote locations come with their drawbacks: no food stops, no signal, no hostels, b&b’s, or other people to keep us from losing our sanity. Surprisingly, these components helped piece together an epic adventure.

Last year I went to Norway, it was a trip into the unknown and I loved every minute of it. The landscape was breathtaking but it left me wanting to see more. This year myself and three friends made our way to Bergen, where we started our exploration of the western fjords.


Lovatnet was the idyllic first location that we visited. The turquoise waters reflected huge mountain sides which gleamed in the sunlight. Despite the lake looking inviting, it was not so comfortable due to the freezing glacial water. That still didn’t stop our quest to find the best swimming…

When talking about the Isle of Skye with an old friend from school we both had an eagerness to go and explore the island. The Isle of Skye is a big island, so to backpack around the island you’d have thought we are crazy. As it turns out we had possibly the best week of our lives, saw some beautiful landscapes and met some lovely people.

Arriving in Kyle of Lochalsh station during a dreamy sunset we knew this trip was going to be special

Fujifilm XE2 + SMC Takumar 85mm

I live in a small village in England. It isn’t the liveliest of towns, so interesting and exciting events are very uncommon. The area is surrounded by rolling hills and large fields, so it is the perfect place to get away from everything. When on an evening walk, you usually expect to see one or two dog walkers at the most. On a walk with my friend Joe this week, it was a surprise to come across a Buddhist monk also enjoying the beautiful sunset. Naturally he greeted us, and started chatting. However, he particularly wanted us to take a photograph of him. Of course we had to capture the peculiar moment, and what better way to get a photo with him!

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