Tell me a Story!

That’s right you heard me storyteller!

Tell me a tale, weave me a universe, populate it with heroes and heroines to root for. Give me hair-raising adventures. Let me have fun in the playground of your imagination. Give me villains to hate, challenges to overcome and lessons to learn. Give me a mystery, give me romance, give me horror, give me growth, drama, intrigue, action, adventure.

Make me better understand the world I am living by bringing me to another one. Make me laugh, cry, cringe or cry. Make my skin crawl, turn me on or turn me off. Bring me somewhere else, bring me home. Make me relive history, make me see the future. Bring me to worlds that are so impossible you’d have to be crazy to have thought them up. Bring me to worlds that are so real that I buy into their existence.

Teach, guide, love, hate and most importantly entertain me.

This is no easy task, I will judge your work, I will consume it and want more. I will have questions to which I will demand answers. I will want to know and experience more. You will have to channel through your mind, body and spirit this tale, this other universe onto paper, screen, canvas or sound. You will do this and without knowing it will have created a window into another place and time.

I will know if your creation lacks passion. I will know if you are facking it. I am not reading your tales to be lied to. I am observing your art, your creation because part of me on some level knows that there is a universal truth hidden within it.

You are doing something that is magical. You taken something from the ethers of your mind and spirit. You have channeled it through pen, keyboard, canvas, paintbrush, intrument, cook pots, organized accounting books. Whatever it is! You are taking something invisible and making it real. You are doing what a magician does and you are doing it naturally without effort.

This is your passion storyteller, and I need you to feel it because the real world will often do its best to snuff out passion’s flames. And it is those flames that keep us warm in spirit. It is those flames that bring us closer. It is those flames that bring about relationship and understanding. It is those flames that should be lighting our way along the nighttime road of existence.

Storyteller let me turn my life into canvas. Let me be inspired by what you can already do naturally. What we can all do if we chose to do so.

Storyteller, tell me a story.

And in doing so inspire me, to be better, to strive for something bigger and better in myself and in others. Help me confirm and re-affirm my values. Get me to call into question what I hold onto. Make me ask WHY? Make me ask HOW?

Cause me to forget about the things that I am unable to do. Remind me of what I can do. I do not need you to be THE guiding light. There is no way you could live up to that standard. One light is easily snuffed out. Multiple single lights together can dispel so much darkness. You are creative, you are storyteller and in your skills is the ability to uplift and inspire. Never forget how great a gift this is.

Storyteller please, tell me a story.

Capture my imagination, and in doing so cause it to grow.

And while I may not thank you on the moment.

Know that I thank you for doing what you do.

Storyteller, I thank you.

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