The Quick Pitch- Matrix: Evolution part 2-A Brief Pilot pitch.

During my last article I decided to write up a quick simple pitch for a television series based on the Matrix film trilogy. I dove into the themes of the world, the key characters and general setting. If you haven’t read it yet I would suggest reading my previous article. I left a link to it in the comments section.

Today I will be offering up a pilot outline for the proposed series. This is meant to be a broad blueprint, outlining the beats of the script. I feel with this rough blueprint there would be enough to discuss and bounce off of. More often than not in the world of creative productions it is good to produce simple premises before going into the full script. Especially if it is on professional productions.

So here it is: my blueprint for “Matrix Evolutions” episode one.


ACT 1: Matrix Evolution begins several years in the aftermath of the films. Humans and Machines are starting to live side by side on the surface, working together to replant trees and vegetation in self-contained domes. NIOBE and MORPHEUS live in such a garden sanctuary and charged with training the newly liberated minds of the Matrix. MORPHEUS shows these disciples how to best use their abilities while plugged into the Matrix. In the real world Morpheus trains them in meditation. He does this on board his new vessel, the HARMONY.

For her part NIOBE, helped by ROOT, teaches children how to plant trees and to tend a garden. Here we are introduced the rest of the new characters (GHOST our silent fighter, BIT a machine mind working with the humans, LORE a prodigal student of Morpheus who is also a cripple). Niobe doesn’t know how she feels about Morpheus using the Matrix as a training tool. However he insists that more minds need to be freed.

We get a general impression that Morpheus and Niobe have a strong yet strained relationship, that ROOT has a family and is connected to nature, that BIT is curious and friendly yet mistrusted, LORE is warm and gifted in the MATRIX and that GHOST is the trouble shooter.

MORPHEUS and NIOBE are about to have another argument when they receive a secret transmission from the ORACLE, they need to meet, a new threat has been discovered which she can only talk to him about in person.

ACT 2:

MORPHEUS, GHOST and LORE enter the MATRIX and make their way to their meeting point. However once they arrive at the meeting point they only find an encrypted message left behind by the ORACLE. Sensing a trap MORPHEUS tries to contact his crew and realizes their coms are jammed! A realization dawns on Morpheus: they have walked into an ambush! The trio look up to find themselves surrounded by the MEROVINGIAN and several other menacing rogue programs.

Meanwhile in the real world NIOBE, ROOT and BIT are suddenly attacked by a group of masked men (or PAWNS) and SENTINELS working together. NIOBE and her friends must work together against their foes. BIT uses his machine nature to hack into the machines and deactivates some of them, unfortunately he is outnumbered and not designed for combat.

NIOBE manages to overpower a few PAWNS, and buys ROOT time to evacuate the children living in the Garden onto the Harmony. However it is clear that Niobe is outmatched by these foes, she is older and her opponents are younger, faster and acting with a unified and well-oiled purpose.

Back in the Matrix, Morpheus, Ghost and Lore are attacked by the rogue programs. Morpheus keeps a cool head while GHOST is both competent, fearless and efficient. There is a quick brief exchange between the two sides in which the MEROVINGIAN reveals to Morpheus that there is a bounty on his head. Before anything else can be said, LORE freaks out, unleashing a portion of her epic neo-like power which allows Morpheus to order an immediate retreat.

ACT 3:

MORPHEUS GHOST and LORE fight their way to a phone booth and are finally make contract with the HARMONY. The trio unplug from the Matrix into the real world, just in time to witness NIOBE skillfully piloting the Harmony away from their garden sanctuary. As they fly away the garden explodes.

Later Morpheus and the rest of his crew gather around a table. Ghost reveals that the message left behind by the Oracle is incredibly encrypted and with time both he and Bit should be able to decode it. MORPHEUS fears someone or something is out to get them. NIOBE asks him what they should do next.

Morpheus replies: “First we warn Zion and then we find the Oracle.”

They are facing a new foe.

And this one is clever, dangerously clever.

We wrap up the episode with the remaining PAWNS and their machine (SENTINELS) friends arriving at an abandoned warehouse. The PAWNS plug into the matrix and loaded into a fancy meeting room. A sinister masked man (or woman), THE PUPPET MASTER, enquires as to the status of the mission. The men are all visibly afraid as they explain that they were unable to kill Niobe or Morpheus, as was their directive. The Puppet Master listens then asks if the garden destroyed? Yes comes the nervous reply. The PUPPET MASTER nods there is no need to worry, contact was made with their insider on board the Harmony. He then adds casually. “Sentinels clean up now if you please.”

Before any of the PAWNS can react they suddenly all drop dead. We cut back to the warehouse and reveal that the previously mentioned “friendly” sentinels have killed all their human allies. Suddenly a holographic image of the PUPPET MASTER appears in front of the Sentinels. “My poor little ones. You deserved better than this.”

“My poor little ones. You deserved better than this.” Says the Puppet Master. And on cue all the Sentinels self destruct.

And with that we end our first episode of the Matrix: Evolution.

So what are you thoughts? Intrigued? Curious? Wanting to hear more? Well maybe I’ll explore it maybe I won’t but for moment in any case this is a nice springboard and exercise in creativity.

Until the next article.

Be well be very well


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