What could make for some Kick Ass Shows

I love conceiving worlds, coming up with episodes and developing characters. And while typically I enjoy building my own “backyard” so to speak it doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally enjoy playing in someone else’s. Many of the worlds presented in these properties are so well developed that I think there is room for great story telling and exploration.

So here is the list with no real order.



There is room in INCEPTION for a really cool television series. We could follow the adventures of a team of dream hackers, each episode being a different dream/capper. What’s best is that since this is in a dream world we could bring our team of dream thieves to various environments, western, medieval, sci-fi, spy flick? All of these settings would be possible in a dream. We could pick up where the film left off (let us assume for the sake of the article that Cob was NOT dreaming at the end of the film). Cob and his team could still be hunted by the mysterious corporation in the movie as they take on mission after mission. This could be a perfect blend of action, fantasy and dazzling spy-intrigue.



This comic is an incredibly wicked series. It follows the adventures of a young reporter who is sent to cover the second American Civil War. In this world, Manhattan has been declared a demilitarized zone. American Soldiers are fighting with American Rebels. Our protagonist is forced to bear witness to the horrors of war and the nature of war journalism. The series could be produced as is, with very little changes needed from the source material. I could easily see this being a big budget mini-series. Since the war would be on American soil, I think it would hit us closer to home.


The world presented to us in the film Looper has a great potential for a television series. Perhaps we could track the adventures of a detective in the future, who is working with his past self to deal with the Loopers. This is just off the top of my head but I feel like Looper could easily be expanded upon.



Imagine an inter-dimensional man hunt across various universes, some like ours, and others radically different. I know that Sliders already did something similar to this, but I think we could easily write up a show following the adventures of the police force that keeps law and order in the multiverse. Each episode could be an adventure into the vast infinite possible wheres and whens. We could even be treated to the workings of a criminal organization using multiverse travel for their own sinister agenda. Yup I think THE ONE could be a wonderful show that I’d tune in to watch.



Yes I know the movie was horrible. But there was something about the comics that I just loved. I think that a truer to the source material televised adaptation to League Of Extraordinary would be really fun and unique in the current world of television. We have our eclectic team of heroes, we have disfunction, we have sex, action and mystery. And with all the geekery I think this could be a good one.



The universe of the Matrix is a fun one. While it may have many logic loops and the last two films were a bit of a mess, I still think there are stories to be told here. And we already have two characters who could be our main protagonists: MORPHEUS and NIOBE. Yes why not follow the adventures of these two in the world after the events in Matrix Revolutions. We could be treated to the peace efforts being made between the A.Is and Humanity. There would obviously be factions who wanted to maintain the old status quo, and these factions could exist in the Matrix, the real world and even Zion itself. There would be a great deal of room here for an exploration of the politics and motivations of the new world. Perhaps Morpheus (or Niobe for that matter) could be forced to work with an A.I. for the peace process.

Also if done well, this series could potentially solve the logic problems that exist in this wonderful film series.



Truth be told I’m shocked that this one hasn’t been picked up yet. I mean the source material alone is so solid! And given the fact that we have a strong diverse cast of females makes this one I would be interested in seeing. Y The Last Man tracks the adventures of Yorick, the last man on Earth after a mysterious plague kills every male on the planet. The world that grows from this is fascinating, action heavy and the mystery of what really happened would keep audiences coming back for more.



This is a fresh spin on the Zombie-Apocalypse theme. In this world almost every man woman and child goes completely insane. These infected people are marked by a cross on their face. The Crossed are violent and murderous, offering no mercy to anyone. Think of this as: what would happen if Reavers took over the world. While I think the source material would have to be tweaked to be more broadcast friendly, I do see the nugget of an incredibly cool series here.



Given the popularity of Game of Thrones and other high concept fantasy series, I think Solomon Kane is due for a proper television treatment. The film I will admit was very lackluster. That being said this could be Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the puritan days of old. Costumes alone would be wicked for this and we’re not even talking about the monsters that Solomon Kane would be slaying from episode to espisode. The comic prided itself often in showing Kane’s very pragmatic nature and if the series could stay true to his less than noble nature we could easily have something here.



This movie practically felt like a pitch for a series. It tracked the efforts of a scientist who while working on cybernetic limbs for war vets managed to develop a fully functional A.I. named AVA.

I would literally get the original cast for this one. I thought the film touched on enough cool concepts but because of the time restrictions set by a movie’s run time they were never fully fleshed out. In a television series, tracking the efforts of our main scientist and AVA as they evade authorities and get into adventures of their own. There were enough lose strings left at the end of the Machine to start off from.

Well that’s about it for the moment. What did you all think? Do you agree with me? What film, comic, book would you like to see made into a television series. Feel free to leave comments. And until the next article.

Be well


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