I think by now we all are aware that words are cheap. I believe most writers would agree with me. Since we are in the ‘business of words’ we know what to say, when to say it, and what they can mean.

We say things in the heat of the moment, in any kind of situation. We need to make our point, so with precision, we find the words that can help us complete our agenda. This happens when we are dealing with family members, dating, at work, you get the picture. We have become accustomed, lazy — spoiled. We think we can get away with anything with a carefully structured speech — rounded out by fancy, sophisticated words and a dramatic tone.

Most of us are smarter than that. And by most of us I mean: smart, cautious, independent women who have experienced life. They may have bought the speech one day in their life. Fortunately now, they are able to teach others what they have learned.These girls do not fall for the speeches, and the pleas. Rarely is it sincere — we will know it is sincere when it is followed by some kind of action. If you are sincere, nothing will stop you from making your case. It may scare you, but you know it is worth the fear, or the possible rejection.

So, for those people who think they can get away with just talking — consider acting on your words. Then MAYBE we will you believe you.