Lady Liberty screams “Refugees Welcome”

Thursday 16th Feb was ‘A Day Without Immigrants’, where immigrants all over the country didn’t go to work or school to protest Trump’s border policies. Trump had other tricks up his sleeve for this fine #truththursday and telling the truth didn’t seem to be one of them.

Protesters chant outside the Grayson County courthouse in downtown Sherman, Texas, Thursday

In yet another display of genuine genius, a last minute shit-show-solo-stress conference was scheduled, an idea concocted by the man himself. Reporters who had been basking in their ‘Chilax’ time scurried for an impromptu Q&A with the leader of the Free World. Little did they know, they were in for 77 minutes of pure bliss!

New Labour secretary — Alexander Acosta

The agenda was to announce his new Labour secretary; Alexander Acosta, a Hispanic lawyer, who is now due to his new found calling probably the only Hispanic safe from deportation. Of course, Acosta only landed the role due to Trump’s first choice; anti-labour Andy Puzder had to withdraw his nomination due to his dodgy business dealings and shady personal background.

Shady Puzder

Troll-haired-Trump began by defending the rough start his administration had had, by blaming everyone else but himself, claiming he had “inherited a mess”.

True to form, Trump’s insecure nature got the better of him as he blatantly lied, yet again in regards to his Presidential win. He seriously can’t seem to stop talking about it, nor Hilary Clinton! However this time, a sharp-tongued, eagle-eyed journalist was ready to pounce like a lion on the hunt for a kill. Facts to hand, microphone at the ready, he cornered the lying troll.

Of course Tangerine Trump got on the defensive and didn’t let the reporter finish his question, spluttering his way through his lies. As the President of the United States, surely it is crucial to know the facts, particularly on basic information that is readily available on the first page of Google.

Heating up to an orangey-crimson shade, Trump sweated under the glares of the reporters, that at one point, he literally begged for an easy question. A fresh-faced Jewish reporter from Ami Magazine was summoned upon.

Jake Turx, initially started by praising Trump on how his Jewish community hadn’t seen any anti-Semitic tones coming from the administration, even though anti-Semitism attacks had increased in the US post Trump’s inauguration. Turx then went to ask what the President was going to do to stamp down on anti-Semitism. Just less than 24 hours before, Trump had been rubbing shoulders with the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, and had been asked a similar question. One would think the answer to Kurz’ question would’ve been a regurgitation of his personal relationships with Jews ie. his son-in-law and 3 grandchildren.

Side note: if your justification to not being racist is because you’re friends/related (by default) to the race in question, then you’re probably a racist.

Alas, no! Belittling the poor reporter, yelling at him to sit down, Trump didn’t even manage to concoct a worthy response. Instead claiming it was an insulting question and barking on about his victory to President again! I’ve seen toddlers articulate answers and formulate arguments stronger on YouTube.

The Russian scandal Flynn-fiasco was addressed, but not in any way that highlights what the administration is doing about the most serious political scandal the US is facing. Intelligence agencies are leaking like crazy, there’s major distrust in the government and Russian has been accused of masterminding the Presidential election. But Republicans just want to move on and let bygones be bygones.

Side Note: Other Russian news this week doesn’t paint the country in a positive light, when it was revealed Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro’s government by attempting to assassinate the Prime Minister last year.

The Washington Post revealed General Flynn lied in an interview with the FBI over his communication with the Russian Ambassador. Ultimately committing a felony. Conveniently a decision to prosecute would fall on the laps of Trump’s justice department. Whilst Flynn’s definitely not going to get jail-time for his minor act of treason, the vacuum caused by his departure was causing a bit of a stir.

General H.R.McMaster steps up as National Security Advisor

The next Caucasian man in the firing line; retired admiral Robert Harward. Harward politely declined the “shit sandwich” offer, allowing straight-talker, risk-taker General H.R.McMaster to fill the coveted role. An announcement was made from the ‘Southern White House’ of Mar-a-Lago, Florida where Trump has spent many-a-weekends swinging his golf clubs. In fact, he’s been golfing 6 times in his 30 days as President! Although this is ‘common knowledge’, Trump’s aides don’t want to admit it. It’s estimated Trumps’ trips have cost $11.3 million in one month, which include secret service charges for his son’s global business trips. In comparison to Obama’s $12.1m average, Trump’s burning through those notes like it’s not his money! Oh wait?!

The irony

The shady billionaire trotted to a campaign rally on Sat 18th Feb. Why a campaign rally you ask? The simple answer; Trump is tapped and is trying to distract the public from his true intentions. His answer; He wanted to be amongst the people.

Campaigning in Florida

During said campaign rally Trump made yet another blip with another one of America’s allies; Sweden. An outrageous comment was blurted out about a terror attack that had taken place #lastnightinsweden The official twitter account @sweden which is run by a different Swedish citizen each week, was being run by a Librarian. One can safely assume the tweet-worthy citizen was a baby boomer as she ran to the nearest newspaper stand and tuned into the radio in search for missed terrors attacks in her beloved country. Twitter had a field day, but the Detective librarian was on hand to solve the mystery.

Monday 20th Feb; exactly a month after Trump’s inauguration coincided with President’s day. The American people took to the streets to celebrate the previous 44 Presidents and protest #notmypresident at Trump. With the benefit of hindsight, Trump makes even George W. Bush seem like a prodigy. Also another President that lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College in 2000, when George W.Bush ran against climate-change-champion, Al Gore. Democracy at it’s finest!

With the controversial travel ban suspended by the US appeals court, the effects have been felt across the pond when a British Muslim schoolteacher was denied entry to the US. Juhel Miah who has no family or personal links to the seven Muslim-majority countries part of the travel ban was escorted off a flight from Iceland to New York.

In NYC, daring activists scaled the Statue of Liberty draping a “Refugees Welcome” banner. Unfortunately the sign was short-lived as it was removed an hour after it surfaced.

If you enjoyed this post, tune in next Thursday for a round up on my comments on week 5 in US politics. #truththursday

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