Understanding the term, ‘Designing in the browser’

The Concept

The phrase, ‘designing in the browser’ is indirectly pointed towards a responsive design. Some of the opinions tells, designing in the browser is the best way to design a website, while some others say this idea restricts creativity in terms of exercising the graphics. There is a controversy regarding the best way to design.

In general, the term ‘design in the browser’ means design some codes and redistribute them to different browsers with some alteration. Alternatively, the term means moving your design to the browsers in a short time. It is very necessary to view your design in the browser once it is released, as no user would like to see static images in the browser.

Thoughts, words, sketches, codes and prototypes are the heart of the process of making a design. It all starts with a thinking process about the possible design and then intimate it to the client for approval. Next, it is necessary to check the templates that should be designed and the kind of contents related to those templates. Then follows, keeping an eye on everything related to navigation, checking the elements that are needed to be on the page and subsequently arranging them in order.

It is best to work on a prototype and release it to collect feedback from anyone related to the site, be it the developer, the designer, the client and this way it will be developed in a better manner. It should be kind of an interaction with your browser to check whether your design is working or not.

Are tools responsible for limiting creativity?

Some say, designing with codes and not using the graphic editor will restrict the creativity. However, this has been refused by some, saying that designing with tools cannot make a person creative. Mere using of Photoshop will not make you creative though Photoshop is a great tool. Apart from this, different tools have different limitations.

The final verdict

The browser or the screen reader or the end user will tell how a site functions and how it will look. In reality, designing in the browser means using whatever tools you want to use in order to be creative. In fact, no tools make you creative or less creative. The best way is to turn the designs into code and browsers as soon as possible.

But as a designer, you should use tools which will be constructive for you, will help you to explore your strengths and work on your weakness. It is best to explore your creativity by making some changes in the codes rather than a working with the graphic editor. Designers should try to learn things that way. Creativity is something related to your knowledge and skills and the tools are nowhere responsible for it.

Davin Russell is a marketing professional working with Nethues Technologies, a web design and development company offering outsourcing solutions to its clients in UK and USA. He has the leading spirit; he burgeons on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He loves to read and write about latest web design trends and web technologies. Contributing on blogs aids him spreading the words online with a new set of readers.