When the subject is developing open source software I usually hear from other developers:

  • Why should I code for free? I’d rather create an app by myself!
  • What should I code? I’ve got no idea of what I can make, that people would download.
  • Everybody talk about that but ain’t nobody got time for that

For the first objection… it is a valid one. You should be making money for living on regular basis, and perhaps doing a freelance from time to time.

People pay for your commitment and for you code their requirements. Their product. Something that should met…

Some time ago I stumbled upon a question on a stackoverflow-related site about IDE usage over simpler editors.

For me the answer felt obvious enough. But then I started to enumerate the reasons and find out that this deserves a post about tools and productivity.

Being concerned with tools and productivity is something that cross developers minds from time to time.

You need to be pragmatic for any tool, technique or methodology. This means try things out, and keeps what works best for you. …

There are too many resources about agile software development, but almost no one talks about what matters most: the agile mindset. This leads to poor implementation, low team motivation/engagement level and thick layers of frustration in many aspects.

The agile mindset means you are not going to have a full up to date schedule, nor have a finished shining product in a few weeks. It means you will have a roadmap, and add value incrementally to your product.

You should measure value delivered (this is more important) than having a full fledged feature. Read it again, this is deep. …

For purists — like me — who like to install raw versions of most software, some updates can be really a pain. I mean specially IDE’s like Jetbrains ones. When you install them under /opt/

First thing first, if you use any jetbrains IDE, such Datagrip, PyCharm, PhpStorm, IntelliJ, CLion, WebStorm, RubyMine, I strongly recommend you to use the Jetbrains Toolbox App to manage installation and updates.

But there is one Jetbrains family/powered IDE which is not available yet under Jetbrains Toolbox App: Android Studio.

The problem is usually you get a notification for updates, but it cannot update because…

A valuable member of your team left the position and you need to replace him/her. You receive lots of resumes, filter them, test them, and interview them. You find someone who seems to be a good fit for the position. Nice education, nice experience, and is a nice person. Deal.

One month later upper management is asking why the results are different from what they’d expected. Have you missed something? Have you made a bad decision, despite your gut still says it was a good choice?

If the story so far sounds familiar, the question may reside a little bit…

O cenário político e econômico brasileiro atual é, no mínimo, um desastre. Praticamente nenhuma instituição ou esfera está livre de problemas de corrupção.

Diante de um cenário que parece não ter saída além de muitas reformas e muito trabalho, principalmente na sanitização das instituições, existe uma idéia que se sobressalta aos meus olhos e que gostaria de compartilhar (idéia esta cujo crédito é da minha esposa, e que admiro profundamente).

A idéia é a de uma reforma onde todos que fazem parte do aparato público só possam usufruir dos próprios serviços públicos. Nenhum advogado particular. Nenhum hospital particular. Nenhuma escola…

Davis Peixoto

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