How do you post from Facebook to Instagram?

Most people know that you can post on Instagram, and then also share that post to a connected Facebook page.

But what about the other way around? What if you are trying to post on Facebook, and then automatically have that post shared to an Instagram account?

Well to do that, you will need a social media scheduling tool. But luckily there is one that is only $3/month.

OneUp allows you to schedule posts to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. In fact, you can schedule to multiple Facebook pages and Instagram accounts at the same time if you wish.

How it works

In OneUp, you can add both your Facebooks pages and Instagram accounts. You just add your photo and description, then either post it now or schedule it for the future.

You can even choose to have the post automatically repeat at set intervals.

Does it look good on both Facebook and Instagram?


The “Published by OneUp” is only visible to the Page admins


At only $3/month, OneUp makes posting from Facebook to Instagram both easy and affordable.