What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is simply content that will still be relevant and interesting 6, 12, and 18+ months from now.

The opposite of evergreen content would be the trending flash-in-the-pan articles about “What whats-her-face wore to that awards ceremony last night”.

Examples of evergreen content

Podcasts - Many podcasts would be considered evergreen. For example, I could listen to Joe Gebbia talk about starting Airbnb on How I Built This, and it would still be very interesting and insightful — even though this interview is from October, 2016.

A podcast that covers trending news or current events would not be considered evergreen.

Blogs - A good example would be this very blog post. Three years from now, everything written here explaining what evergreen content is, will still be evergreen.

A blog post about the current price of Bitcoin would not be evergreen. A year from now, that post is all but worthless.

YouTube Videos - A YouTube video that talks about how to become more productive? Evergreen. A home exercise video? Evergreen. A funny fail video? Evergreen. All of those things will be relevant in a few years.

A YouTube video that talks about LeBron signing with the Lakers? Not evergreen.

Other - I’ll use Product Hunt as an example. They frequently repost older products on their Twitter and Facebook profile:

While this tweet is from July 27th, 2018, the product itself was actually posted onto Product Hunt in March, 2018, four months earlier. This tweet will be evergreen as long as There (the timezone tracking tool) is still around. Product Hunt could tweet this exact tweet once a month and probably receive good engagement on it every time.

Your tweet about what Donald Trump said last night? Probably not evergreen.

Sharing evergreen content on social media

When you share something on social media, it is typically only seen by ~5% of your followers.

However, most small businesses, podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers post their evergreen content to social media once — and that’s it. If someone missed it, they missed it.

The idea behind OneUp is to provide an easy way to recycle your evergreen content automatically, making it seen by a much wider audience, and driving more engagement, traffic, and business. You just add content, choose the interval and frequency of recycling, and relax. OneUp does the tedious work of consistently posting good content for you.

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