They started from the bottom and made it big

It’s quite often that we hear the phrase “inspire and be inspired”. Sometimes difficult to implement when hurdles cross our part and then we are left with puzzled questions. What often happens is that when you go to any event, the first thing that you are asked after your name is, ‘’what do you do?’’, people jump to answer it like a reflex action or almost a robotic gesture. With some career that have our common reaction of, ’’oh okay’’ and others leave you confused or surprised. 
 Some professions only follow with a surprise when they end up telling you the story behind their reach to success or if they are still struggling then you exhibit a decent respect. Some of us young people need to read this and know that in time before they have their big break, being stuck on a career or at a job, is not the end of the world. Follow your gut feeling, not your heart cause your heart can end up following a lover. Success before everything. 
 Let’s focus on some uniquely successful stories
Some are just born privileged and some just have to work harder to get there, it’s all about achievements regardless of the outer force bombarding you with negatives. The most interesting thing is successful people who came from humble beginnings, how do they do it? It’s almost impressive. The struggle is truly real for them! 
 1- J.K. Rowling-
This might seem too obvious or just too mainstream. J.K Rowling, we all know her as a British author and screen writer of her seven-book Harry Potter series. Which now has sold more than 450 million copies. J.K did have a smooth start but hurdles can leave anyone messed up. In her late 20s J.K had moved as a single mum with her sister after escaping an unhappy marriage. Unemployed and living in a tiny apartment. Which caused her to fall into a deep depression, which even drove her on the edge of suicide. However, it was during these difficult times that she finished off the Happy Potter manuscript, which followed by rejection in publishing her books, which then was followed by magic. J.K Rowling’s net worth is about $850 million dollars. 
 2- Oprah Winfrey- A billionaire talk show host, television producer, philanthropist and a role model for a lot of females. Obviously she is best known for her talk show. Although she was born in the rural area, had a troubled adolescence, is also a drop out. Moreover, she was sexually abused by more than one relatives and friends of her mother. She began working in a radio and broadcast television, which later gave her the building block to other shows until she landed her own and stayed with it for 8 years. Richest African American of the 20th century. World’s only Black billionaire for three years! 
 3- Armand Peri- An American entrepreneur, business executive, real estate investor, artist and a bodybuilder. He’s the founder of Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment, CEO of New Age Productions, Inc., a New Jersey/New York-based production and Night Club investment & entertainment company. Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment is one of the most successful nightclubs. Armand has 20 years of experience. As the people mentioned above, Armand Peri also did not have a smooth start but he worked his time and got to where he is today and wants to be an inspiration for many others trying to achieve on what they have set their eyes on.

4- Sarah Jessica Parker- An actress, fashion designer and a producer. Rose to fame as Carrie Bradshaw in a popular TV-series that we all know of. Now having the net worth of $100 million. However, this wasn’t the case the entire time. Parker grew up in poverty along with 7 other siblings. She started acting at the tender age of 8, financially supporting the family by doing dancing and singing gigs. Popular TV series helped her transform into a fashion icon which further helped her step in the fashion industry.
 5- Ralph Lauren-
A fashion designer. What now is a world known brand, is not how his life was. Ralph Lauren’s name was not always Lauren, it actually was Ralph Lifshitz, but after being bullied at school Ralph and his brother changed their names to Lauren. Ralph has dropped out of college to serve in the Army reserve. Then worked as a clerk which followed by sales job in the beginning. Later Ralph designed his own menswear and branded them under the name “Polo” and sold them at large department stores. Later, opening boutiques across United States and internationally. Ralph Lauren is now a net worth of $4.6 billion.