New Web Literacy Resources from Mozilla & Friends: A Presentation at NYLA 2018

Workshop Description

Workshop Agenda

Tips for Teaching Web Literacy

  • Give everyone a voice by asking participants to share their story early on in the session
  • Use vote-with-your-feet and similar exercises to frame the issues before diving in
  • Use a mix of reflective exercises and group work so as to allow space for different types of personalities
  • Allow learners to learn while moving; you’ll draw on kinesthetic and spatial capabilities
  • Utilize stressful situations (i.e. pop quizzes, role plays) to aid in learning
  • Create a cheat-sheet for learners to utilize back on the job
  • Bring activities back around to everyday situations; in as much as is possible, keep lessons concrete





program manager at @mnylc

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Davis Erin Anderson

Davis Erin Anderson

program manager at @mnylc

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