What is it about cafes that bring out good thoughts and streams of consciousness. Are they a uniquely American type of experience? The plug in your laptop and sip a hot cup. Probably not, but also probably a good place to be out and about. Where was it that I read about the ways that being an effective writer is a lesson in disciplined surroundings. Wake up early, find spots with white noise, not too much white noise! slightly more colorful noise, not that much color! In any case, it is probably true. And it prompts a few thoughts or explorations.

First — to find the perfect cafe. I have this idea of a bungalo, somewhere in a dense area with bustling happening all around the outside, yet wood floors and panels and hot delicious drinks behind the counter. Nice and not too nice barristas, sharp and not too obnoxious music, tables big enough so that oyu can rest your elbows on the counter. Maybe you take your shoes off when you enter. Maybe a bouncer. Maybe I am going off track. Definitely outlets. Maybe even rent your own laptop. Maybe that is too much — the laptop is like a glove, or a lax stick (what a stretch I am making here, can you guess what sports I played in high school?) in which you somehow grow together so that the computer is just an extension of your own fingertips — the subtleties of the trackpad, the wear of the keys, the arrangement of the icons, the shortcuts, it all fits. What else makes this cafe unique? Something that makes it easy to write. Read what is on the wall. Encourage writing. Some famous authors come here to write. Hemmingway perhaps. Or the person who wrote the Art of Fielding. Step outside in the middle of the day to pick up streetfood and come back in, bring it and we will plate it for you. Have a small conference room at the side for you to make calls — not too corporate though. Enough to bring in the corporate types, or the corporate types in the leading edge. A view. A breeze. Ocean view? Water view? Mountain view? Maybe just nature view. Some distance with the view ideally. And sit and sit and write and write and sit. And get a second coffee. Avocado toast is a good one to add. Definitely skim milk. Greek yogurt. Granola. Meet after a bike ride — I need to get back into that. Maybe a shower in the back for customers. Post bike ride change. Too much? Are there regulations for that?

Well, the second part is that I want to open the cafe. The one that people sit and write and have book clubs and compose poetry and do the things that I want to do in a cafe, mostly what I wrote above. So I will do that one of these days. Until then, I will keep sipping this cafe and coconut water and think of what will make this place just the place

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