New Things (Part 1)

Here is some reflection on the new things that I did / saw / experienced in India. Admittedly, some of these are a constant across the developing world — others are a bit more sub-continent-specific:

  1. Showering with a bucket
  2. Brushing teeth with a water bottle
  3. Eating rice with my hands
  4. Riding a motorcycle while holding a suitcase
  5. Standing on a train with the door open, two hands on the metal hand-rails that mark the exit outside the train, trees and bush and grass and people and farmers flocking sheep and bush rushing past with the sharp wind smacking my face as I stared straight ahead into the comfortable coolness of the wind in the warm are
  6. Sprinting away from a stray dog
  7. Shrieking automatic yelps as I sprinted which left me slightly self-consciously embarrassed afterward
  8. Drinking cold drink from a glass bottle (I really don’t think that I have ever done this, would you believe it?)
  9. Wearing a kurta
  10. Eating pani pure (the list could go on regarding specific food — this one is pretty unique)
  11. Ringing a temple bell
  12. Riding a camel
  13. Riding an elephant
  14. Feeding pineapple to an elephant
  15. Eating a full mango
  16. Eating a full mango with my hands
  17. Spraying my shirt accidentally with mango juice from inexperience at opening mangoes
  18. Eating yogurt with my hands (adding it to the rice)
  19. Facing bulls at a short distance, less than 2 feet, less than 1 food
  20. Singing in the dark

More to come

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