Single Payer Health Care

My first tangential dealing with the NHS was a pretty positive one. Granted, it all turned out good and no issues were too much to handle, and I will say it was more entertaining than anything else. Flatmate was a bit concerned about her heath, and here is what happened:

  1. The questionnaire gave the signal to call 999 for an emergency. I supposed that I have guessed that one.
  2. Arrival time was close to 5 minutes — I didn’t even have time to get the playing cards to pass time
  3. One person came through the door with a huge bag of gear, came downstairs to get to the scene ASAP
  4. Before I had time to get settled, the rest of the crew came
  5. S. asked what was happening.
  6. The Aussie and I went upstairs to grab something from the car. “Why are we whispering” he asked? “Our flatmate is asleep.” “Well that’s mighty kind of you.”
  7. And then begin the long list of quotable lines, culminating with “remember, there are 11 of the nodes that you have to take off” (there were 10).
  8. Everybody was healthy and went to sleep.

Kind and considerate and fast. And free.

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