WhiteDate.NET: New Online Dating Site Exclusively For European People

Tuesday, 08 July 2017: Finding love online has just gotten easier, with the platform called WhiteDate, a brand new dating site for white people seeking their soul mate. This dating website specifically caters to people of European descent in Europe and other parts of the world.


White Date

Dating and coaching professionals understand and constantly try to communicate that some set of rules and ethics are needed to build a healthy relationship and family. However, today’s modern, feminist and hedonist behavior has replaced those rules. If you are seeking love in a soul mate who shares your western values, WhiteDate could offer some help by connecting you to like-minded Caucasian people.

This dating site is not only for followers of the new Alt-Right movement becoming increasingly influential and ideologically vanguard. It is also for men and women who just miss the old fashioned role play that somehow has been lost chasing the ultimate freedom in individualism.

Basically, this website is for men who like to open doors for their woman and for women graciously thanking them for it. It is for women who can wait for a man to make the first move and who understand that men just know, what they want. These women appreciate the natural order of things and would never lower themselves to call, text, friend or otherwise chase a man. They know “The Rules” like described in the famous book.

WhiteDate aims to bring men and women together who despite the strong influences of a sexualized and vulgarized world still plan to have a stable relationship and maybe a big family. The unfavorable environment requests nowadays heavy strategizing and in advance planning as neither school nor the mainstream media nor the government encourages them morally and financially to do so.

As men are flocking in easily, this platform for European dating especially invites feminine and graceful women who either wish to combine motherhood and work or clearly seek a career as a mother and ‘Chief Operating Officer’ of her own clan.

The site also offers the possibility to create local groups and build communities of like-minded people. Be the first one to create a group in your city for a book club, dancing courses, martial art classes, picnics/BBQs etc.

Sign up now and help build your local community finding friends and maybe … love.

Originally published at bizpr.us on July 26, 2017.