Twellow — A powerful, free tool to find Social Media influencers by location and category

Yesterday at work, I was tasked with finding local social media influencers in several different cities. After trying out some Google-fu and combing through laughably unrelated search results, I realized how difficult and tedious finding quality influencers by location could be.

Twitter’s search function is, to put it mildly, the worst thing in the world. Ever. I have never been a huge tweeter, and during the times I’ve attempted to change that, the search function has repeatedly thwarted me. One of the many issues I’ve had with Twitter’s search is that it doesn’t allow users to search by location (except in advanced search, and the results are ambiguous at best).

After an hour of frustrating, slow progress using Google, I decided to take a few minutes to see if there were any tools that would make the process faster.

At first, the only tools I could find that allowed searching Twitter users by location were expensive and wrapped up as part of a larger social media management platform (like HubSpot). About to give up and resign myself to pouring through pages and pages of Google results and Twitter lists, I finally stumbled onto Twellow.

Locating and utilizing influential figures on social media, and turning them into brand influencers, is critical to a brands success.

While Twellow’s featured functionality is the ability to drill down into categories to find users who are the most influential in their particular niche (which is a super useful tool that I enjoyed playing with), I found the “Twellowhood” portion of the site truly helpful for what I was trying to do.

All you have to do is enter the city and state, and Twellowhood shows you the most important and influential users in that geographical area. If filtering by city is still too broad, you can get extra-local and search by county. The results list number of followers, location, and whether the account is verified or not. A follow button directly below each profile picture makes it easy to connect with prospective users.

As an example, I searched for Philadelphia, PA. In Philly, the most influential/important social accounts are spread across several categories — from trendy retail giant Urban Outfitters, to the Eagles and Flyers official accounts, to Holly Robinson Peete… whoever that is.

While Twellow is not quite as robust as some of the paid platforms, the ability to search Twitter by location for free makes it more than worth a check-out.

So, if you’re looking for influential Twitter users, especially at a local level, Twellow is an excellent tool to get you started!