Why Small Business will fail in 2018

How many small business owners have a sustainable avenue of new business coming in month after month?

Those who are left behind are still doing what worked in the past.
I know because every time I speak to new business owners, their methods are all the same..

It’s either Direct Mailing, which isn’t trackable..

How do you know one zip code works better than the other? How do you know how many opened or left it sealed to throw away? You just don’t..am I right?

Billboards which no one looks at when driving.

You spend 10–15K on slapping on a billboard on a Main Street and the honest truth is your either scrolling looking at crap on Facebook, changing your tunes on Spotify, or replying to that text message you couldn’t wait to respond too..

Flyers and handouts

which we all know we use as frisbees the second they arrive and if they do look at, you spend 3–5K investment on that flyer campaign to make back 1K for example which the logical equation would be 200–400% negative ROI

Boosting their post

this one makes me laugh, especially when they tell me I tried Facebook and it didn’t work.. how do you expect to make sales to a blind audience? And by blind I don’t mean literally blind, but blind in the sense of your boosting your post to people who don’t care about what you have to offer. So essentially they are blind to your post which equates to wasting or losing your money.

Park & Street Benches

you spend 3500–6k a month depending on where you live to plop an ad on a bench. Most think the face or company on the seat make the seat look extra comfortable, that’s about it. Not only that, there’s no trackable way to know how many behinds sat on your bench and read your ad or how many sat down and didn’t care to even look.
Long story short..

With the plethora of competition, and the disturbance of everything around you keeping your buyers distracted, how do you expect to thrive in the next upcoming 5 years?

If you own a business, and your one of those not investing in growing it, investing in a secured traffic source, educating your customers, and moving fast with trends in today’s time in age it’s only your loss and it’d be caused unfortunately because YOU didn’t take action.

Your time to act is NOW, even if your business is booming, it’s only the best time RIGHT NOW to take action on generating a consistent stream of new incoming business.

Those who are growing, have a system in place GENERATING NEW BUSINESS month after month. Those who aren’t don’t care about their business closing their doors in the next 5–10 years.

The choice is yours..
Who do I recommend?

DAVIS Strategic Media helps local businesses increase revenue by 31% by leveraging their social media.

This full-service agency is starting to become the industry leader in social media marketing and they haven’t even be around for that long. It’s crazy I know..

They increase leads and sales for local businesses with a holistic approach to advertising.

Not only does this agency help local businesses in marketing but it helps them develop a franchise operation while keeping a local feel.

Companies in a multitude of different industries have been utilizing these proven Services from DAVIS Strategic Media to grow their business. Think ahead, plan accordingly and do what’s right by your business. I myself endorse this agency because I personally use them and credit them for the growth in my 6 figure eCommerce business.

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